Weekly Pool Cleaning Services
Weekly Pool Services
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Weekly Pool Service and Pool Cleaning Company

Windermere Pool Cleaning

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Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

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Weekly Pool Service - Cleans, Services and Maintains
Swimming Pools and Spas
• Test the chemistry of you pool water and adjust as neccessary
• Empty clean and inspect pool side skimmers
• Brush your pool/spa walls, steps, floors and ledges
• Scrub pool/spa tiles and coping edges to dissolve and prevent
   build-up of unsightly scale
• Skim Top of the Swimming Pool to remove any foreign material or trash.
Vacuum Pool/Spa as needed to remove debris and sand from pool floor.
• Check, empty and clean pool motor and pool pump basket.
• Monitor and clean or backwash your pool filter as needed.
  (based on pressure, circulation and flow).
• Check, clean and adjust pool cleaners and/or pool vacuums.
• Visually inspect the pool pump, motor and filter for leaks.
• Monitor and adjust as neccessary your pool timer box settings.
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